To become an integral part of the financial system and participate in the nation building.

To develop and establish a fair, orderly and transparent securities market with the objective to facilitate efficient mobilization and allocation of capital,and ensure apt regulation to maintain market integrity and investor confidence


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1 Online Trading Application Form
2 Online Trading Agreement Form
3 CD Account Opening
4 Client Agreement Form
5 Order Form (Buy/Sell)
6 Pledge Request Form
7 Pledge Confiscate form
8 Pledge Cancellation Request Form
9 Intra Account Transfer Request Form
10 Transmission Request Form
11 Share Statement Form
12 Issuance of Share Statement
13 Leave Form


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1 Investor Education
2 Online Trading Guide

Annual Reports

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Audited Accounts

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1 Audited Accounts RSEB 2016
2 Audited Accounts BBPL 2015


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