Introduction- Overview of RSEB


To become an integral part of the financial system and participate in the nation building.

To develop and establish a fair, orderly and transparent securities market with the objective to facilitate efficient mobilization and allocation of capital,and ensure apt regulation to maintain market integrity and investor confidence.


The unique features of this Exchange is its members or brokerage firms or its shareholders. The exchange is owned by four brokerage firms which are established as a company under the Companies Act and licensed under the Financial Institutions Act (FIA) . 


  • BNB Securities Ltd.
  • BOB Securities Ltd.
  • RICB Securities Ltd.
  • BDB Securities Ltd.


The Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan (RSEB) was established in August, 1993 and officially opened for trading on 11th October 1993. It was established as a non-profit making and quasi-public organization under the aegis of the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA).

The objectives of the company are to encourage wider spread of share ownership in the enterprises, mobilize savings, provide platform to raise equity capital for new ventures and to provide liquidity to the existing shareholders.

Developed under the Technical Assistance of the Asian Development Bank, RSEB was incorporated under the Companies Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2000 and is regulated by the Financial Services Act, 2011.
In July 1996, RSEB was delinked from the RMA as an autonomous body.

At present, RSEB operates as a membership organization comprising of four brokerage firms including BNB Securities Ltd, BOB Securities Ltd, RICB Securities Ltd and BDB Securities Ltd. The brokerage firms are the subsidiary companies of four financial institutions.

Over the years, the total number of shareholders increased significantly. As of 31st December 2014, there were over 62,000 shareholders compared to 1,828 shareholders in 1993. The number of listed companies has also grown simultaneously. In 1993, there were four companies listed to trade shares with market capitalization of Nu 493.40 million and as of 31st  December 2014, there are 21 companies  listed with market capitalization of Nu 22,498.20 million.

On April 23rd 2012, RSEB moved its securities market to a new and enhanced trading system. The RSEB Integrated System replaced the traditional system that was used for 19 years ever since it was launched in 1993.
The new system was established with grants from the World Bank and developed by the InfoTech Pvt Ltd as per the requirement of the exchange.