Data Privacy Policy

Why we collect information

Royal securities exchange of Bhutan is the only stock exchange in the country established in 1993. It also acts as a central depository and clearing house. Functioning as the stock exchange, clearing house and central depository, the financial services act of Bhutan, 2011, mandates the RSEB to be equipped with infrastructure capable of facilitating business operation in accordance to the aforementioned act.

Keeping the data secure:

RSEB has strong in-built security features on all security level. It uses latest techniques and technologies to safeguard the data collected including:

  • 1) Encryption method to safeguard sensitive data,
  • 2) Restricting access of information to non-authorized employees,
  • 3) Restricting access to physical storage to non-authorized employees under lock and key,
  • 4) We have a surveillance team which monitors the data movement.

Sharing of information

An individual’s information is strictly kept private and

  • 1) Made accessible only to the authenticated account holder,
  • 2) made accessible to the person (he/she) if there is legal document from the judiciary body (court).

Information m-CaMS collects:

m-CaMS will have following data recorded in their database:

  • Personal Detail:

  • 1) Name
  • 2) TPN (Tax Payer Number),
  • 3) Name
  • 4) Phone Number,
  • 5) Bank account number,
  • 6) e-mail
  • 7) Address
  • Transaction Details:

  • 1) Number of shares/bonds the client sells,
  • 2) Number of shares/bonds the client buys,