Technology- What drives RSEB

RSEB Integrated system
All the day to day activities of RSEB's are automated. The Information and Technology (IT) platform deployed at RSEB automates trading activities, Clearing and Settlement, Central Depository, Market Surveillance, subscription and allotment of Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Brokers Back Office.

RSEB Integrated System Modules:
   ATS  - Automated Trading System
   EDS - Electronic Depository System
   CSS - Clearing & Settlement System
   BBO - Broker Back Office System
   IPOE - Initial Public Offer Engine
   MSS - Market Surveillance System
   PTRS - Post Trade Reporting System


Easy Trade is a browser based client application for traders and Brokers to trade via Internet, Wide Area Network and Local Area Network. This will not require installation of any application on client's side. It is user friendly and provides comprehensive information required to trade in multiple exchanges (if available). The registered clients/brokers enter order details using Easy Trade terminal  that are transmitted on real time basis to Exchange for matching. The main features of the application are as follows:

  1. Ease of access in terms of simple and user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  2. Facility to deal in both Equities and Bonds (Bonds will be a part of later release)
  3. Simple and easy way to execute transactions related to:
    1.    Order Placement (Buying & Selling)
    2.    Change Order Details
    3.    Cancel Order
  4. Comprehensive User Interface (UI) to monitor the market statistics and exchange status
  5. Broad interface to monitor the best orders and best price levels in the market at any particular time.
  6. Availability of different reports in order to maintain users update regarding status of orders placed by them i.e. orders in working status, executed orders and a comprehensive event log.

Electronic Depository System (EDS) is a web-based system where the database and the application are only deployed at the server end. All clients can access the system anywhere in the world. This feature 
increases the reach of the stock brokers having multiple branches at multiple locations. The system has a secure data access and application model.  A user cannot perform any operation through the system, which
is not defined in his access list. It is designed to couple with the trading engine where runtime data is  exchanged between the systems to effectively monitor a Pre-Trade validation in cases where short-selling is prohibited.

The CSS ensures that settlement is done according to its defined settlement cycle. The system can handle multiple types of settlement cycles (T+1, T+2, T+3). It is linked with CDS so when the settlement is completed the securities are automatically updated in their respective accounts.

Broker solution is a functionally rich Stock Brokerage Back-Office and Trading System that caters for Broker Back Office & Online Trading System.Designed for flexibility, it provides Straight-Through Order Processing, 
Equity and Custody services with comprehensive online exposure and margin control capabilities. Providing a flexible end-to-end solution to brokerage houses with interfaces to the Trading and Central Depository systems, BBO is designed so that individuals as well as institutional clients are able to watch the stock market live, place trading orders, and view their portfolios online. The accessibility to the stock market for clients offers the potential to increase the volume of trading for brokerage houses using the Internet Trading System. With business advantages such as increased efficiency, risk management capabilities and the processing ability to manage trade cycles from order to settlement.

The objective of IPOE is to have a fair price discovery mechanism in place for IPOs on the basis of market demand. IPO system is Internet enabled and accessible from anywhere through web browser. The system is highly configurable, scalable, secure and user friendly to handle multiple IPOs simultaneously. It is owned and operated by RSEB while remote access to the system would be given to issuers, relevant staff of RSEB, institutional investors and IPO managers.

Market Surveillance System (MSS) empowers the exchange and regulator with the tools to effectively and efficiently monitor the trading activity. The surveillance system ensures the transparency of overall trading activities and it provides confidence to both management and investors. MSS offers a range of real time detection capabilities that include pre-defined scenarios covering illegal and unethical trading activities and unusual market conditions. The features MSS for capital market surveillance include:

  1. Live Transaction Monitoring
  2. Analytical post-trade Reporting
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Alerts Monitoring and Management
  5. Market Reconstruction
  6. Analytical Charting Tool
  7. Access Control Module